Premium PBNs

Custom Theme

Are your PBN sites using customized themes? A real site owner would spend reasonable time to customize his site.

Custom Layout

Do you want the same boring layout? A custom layout helps in achieving that “money site look”.

Your purchase includes quality niche domains, premium content, premium images, and custom design.

Just Provide The Hosting.


  • Premium Plugins
  • Essential Plugins Installed
  • Customized Theme
  • Responsive Design
  • Custom Logo
  • Unique Author / Persona
  • Sidebar “ads” and banners
  • About, Contact & Privacy Pages
  • Passes Manual Reviews
  • Security and Anti-Spam
  • After Sales Support
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

We make them look and feel so real they end up looking like money sites

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Super High Quality PBN’s

If you’re looking for true value for money PBN’s, you’re at the right place. These realistic PBN’s are made to pass a manual review and give your website the link juice it needs to rank fast!

What Sets Our Service Apart?

  • Relevant Domain Categories
  • Ultra High Quality Responsive Designs
  • 100% Premium Hand Written Native English Content
  • Aged Domains With Great Metrics
  • 100% Spam Free Domains, No Previous PBN Usage or Foreign Language
  • Domains Transferred To Your Registrar Immediately (Namecheap only)

These PBN’s look so good people will have a hard time believing they are PBN’s even if you tell them!

Order Details (Read Before Buying)

Each order includes 5 PBN Domains which are registered for you. These domains are fully designed and come with the following:

  • Premium Design
  • All Handwritten Premium Content (1×300 Word Article, 1×500 Word Article, 1×700 Word Article)
  • Custom Logo
  • Random / Assorted Plugins

*** Having these high quality PBN’s means nothing if they are constantly down and leaving major footprints for google to find.

If you don’t have hosting yet, we’ll send you over to our cPanel hosting partner which will keep your PBN’s easy to manage and absolutely secure.***


Are these PBN’s fully mine?

Yes! You will own the domain name, and the hosting, you can do anything you want with the websites.

Do you provide hosting?

No, we provide EVERYTHING except hosting. We recommend an affordable and secure cPanel hosting provider. We’ll point you in the right direction.

Can you provide samples?

Yes! Please send us a message.

Are any niche’s off limits?

We build PBN’s for almost every niche, except adult, pharma, and warez.

What will article content be?

There will be three articles for each site, 1×300, 1×500, 1×700 words. These articles will be related to the topic of your PBN and are premium handwritten native English articles.

What is your average TAT?

Average TAT is 5-10 days, with guaranteed delivery within 15 days.

What are the metrics for the PBN’s?

The MINIMUM metrics for any domain are 3+ Years, 10+ DA and 10+ TF, these are very strong clean domains!

Please note: Trust Flow can change overnight, but we always get TF10+ at the time of purchase.

*** Refund Policy ***
You know what you are buying. We do not offer refunds after the work has started. If we fail to deliver on time, you’ll get a free site on the house.

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